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"Thank you so much! I feel like I learned so much, especially in such a 'green' conscious city as Seattle. The skills that I've developed are invaluable. Looking forward to putting my vendor list to good use with my next clients." Katie Pitchford, All Tied Up Wedding and Event Design


"I enjoyed the online instruction.  Each slide was filled with valuable information." Jodi Gagne 


"This course was extremely informative and I love all the options and ideas provided for using alternatives to the every day items!" Nikki Smith 


"The best part of this course was creating final products that are useful to me immediately!" Jacky Murphy


"I have been in the wedding industry for over 17 years, and in that time have taken many classes, seminars, courses, etc.. to increase my knowledge of the wedding industry and all things related. I recently contacted the Green Bride Guide for another such course for certification. Not only was the book a great and valuable read, but the certification course was outstanding. Any questions I had were not simply sent to a faceless phone operator, but the head of the company called to speak with me directly! Rarely do you get personal attention from such a company and NEVER do you get the head of the company being the support for new students. She was very prompt in response and guided me though everything to a successful certification. I highly recommend this company, but more than that, I applaud Kate for being one of those rare professionals that are genuinely concerned with their product and client! Thank you so much for your support." - Kelly L. Moore, PBC., Owner, Ambiance Event Planning & Floral Designs 


"Thank you for a great course, and superior communication with me throughout the entire process." - Brandi Dugagan, Country Sugar Events


"Thank you for sharing your passion and educating me on the options for eco-conscious alternatives.  Wow! It is truly easy being green." - Michelle, Student at LIVE Green Wedding Planner Certification Course


"The best thing is that it gaves you the tips to go green and encourage you to find green vendors. Tips for marketing. A lot of examples and websites to find greener options. A call to action. It is not so important to do everything or the most ecological things but to do our best to reduce our footprint with a lot of practical and easy tips." Eva Macaya


"I felt I had already taken several steps in my own life to become more eco-firnedly but I was unaware of all the ways I could brng it into my business. Many ways which could even save my clients money and help increase my bottome line. This course was very informative." - Kelly Hayn 


"The best thing about this course was actually learning the real definition behind the terms that I hear out in the market place and am not sure of the difference.  It was also very informative in listing companies that are making a difference and providing services that I didn't even know existed." - Kimberly Williams


"Kate's in-depth knowledge of environmental concepts, and her enthusiasm for this topic is amazing. She's a great instructor and I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues." - Lauren Halvaei

96% of students said they would recommend this course to a friend!

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